Friday, November 13, 2015

The "Before" Tour of a 1970s Remodel (Part 1)

The Front Interior of the House:

Aside from being a little dated, there's not much wrong with these rooms.


  • Wallpaper: This picture is a little misleading in that it is always dark, and the red wallpaper doesn't help in that regard. While it's not terrible, the roses just aren't me and have to go.
  • Flooring & Trim: I like the tile, but all the trim--in fact, the entire house!--is an almond color, and since I'm very much a white-trim girl, that's on the list as well.

Doorway to living room, wallpaper, door color . . . everything is going to change--even the mirror.
Mirror: The mirror was left by the previous owner, and while the gold stands out quite garishly, I'm excited to try something with it.

This room is just a little too formal and mature for me. I guess I haven't grown up yet.

Formal Living Room & Dining Room Combination:

  • Doorway: Rather small for the room. Perhaps we will expand it?
  • Chandelier: Who puts the chandelier in the formal living room rather than the dining room (which is where the photographer is standing with the kitchen through small butler doors to the right)?
We're going to switch these rooms--the dining room will be in the back and the formal living room closer to the front door, so the chandelier needs to be moved. Or nixed.
  • Wallpaper: Yeah, again, not going to stay. It's blue and mauve--very late 80s, if I remember correctly.
  • Repair Wall: You might notice all the holes, knobs, and connections of all sorts coming from the small section of the wall that is in what we will be using as a dining room. Other than light switches and an outlet, there's no need for the rest. Removal and repair for sure!
  • Carpet: Will be completely replaced for two reasons. First, we don't want carpet under the dining table, and second, this carpet is O-L-D and smells of cat. So yeah, there's that.
Wallpaper will be removed and all those holes and auxiliary who-knows-what things on the wall? Yeah, not necessary!
  • Shutters: I LOVE the plantation shutters on the large windows. I love how the sunlight filters through. I love opening them completely at times, but mostly I have them as pictured. They will stay for sure, but I hope to paint them white.

I love these plantation shutters. Awesome windows. These are actually only half of them.