Monday, November 16, 2015

The "Before" Tour of a 1970s Remodel (Part 2)

Family Living Areas--the Heart of the Home

Family Room:

This was the room I loved most when I looked at the house.
  • Cathedral Ceilings: I love the ceilings and the beams. I hate that they are almost lost as they blend in with the rest of the ceiling--again, exactly WHY is everything in this house (except for the wallpaper) almond-colored? Don't worry, I'll be tackling those almost first thing. I've transformed painted beams to look like wood again, and I can't wait to do it again.
  • Light Fixtures: The ceiling fan--uh, no. Not an oak and brass fan. Too 80s. So why exactly is it that I'm okay with 60s and 70s, but the 80s and 90s, not so much. Case in point, the hanging fruit lamp in the corner, I think it's kind of cool. Not that it's staying. I've already knocked my head a few times.

I LOVE the fireplace and built-ins! Not so sure of the fruit lamp or flowered wallpaper.

  • The Fireplace: Isn't that THE best? Especially flanked with the built-in bookcases. I little subtle color to help them stand out.
  • Step-Down: Honestly, I kind of like the fact that this room is a step-down. It's characters typical of the era. Despite our neighbors' advice and an arthritic cat who struggles occasionally, the step-down is staying. One step is so much better than the two flights of stairs from our last home.

Nice bones, but very boring all the same almond color.


  • Waffle Cabinet Doors: I'm not sure if it was the pattern on the cabinet doors that first caught my eye or the bold blue countertops, but I was convinced the cabinet doors had to go. We'll see. Budget-wise, that may not be the best idea. I'll have to look into options. Anyone have a cheap solution?
  • Bi-fold Divider: The bi-fold doors over the sink to close off the family room/kitchen pass-through.
  • Doors to Dining Room: I like them. Classic. (And that gives you a peek into the dining room that I forgot to take a picture of.)
  • Tile: Not exactly my favorite, but not bad. If it's something we can keep, we plan on making it part of the interior design.

Blue counters, waffle-patterned cabinet doors, flowered wallpaper, and fruit on the backsplash tiles.

Light Fixtures: Yes, those are florescent lights in the kitchen, And the ugly "flower?" hanging lamp in the breakfast area. Gotta go.

Can you say 1980? Everything about this . . . the popcorn ceiling, what is that lamp?, wallpaper AND wallpaper border. Easy updates!

  • Layout: I'm a little confused how to use the breakfast room area. I feel it is too small to actually use, especially since it is the crossroads of the entire house. The breakfast bar may need to suffice. But then what do I do to decorate the rest of the room?
  • Wallpaper: Lovely, isn't it? Maybe at one point, but yeah, no. Not staying. But the paneling will.

Although plantation shutters are nice for easy privacy, it sure makes the room darker.