Thursday, November 19, 2015

The "Before" Tour of a 1970s Remodel (Part 3)

The Bedrooms & Hall Bath

Front Bedroom (that Connects to Bathroom):

  • The Windows: This room is by far the best bedroom, mostly because of those amazing front windows!
Amazing front windows in this bedroom!

Attached bathroom.

  • Closet: Situated behind the bedroom door, it leaves the door a bit in the way. I'm afraid to paint it because I know my son will do no better than the previous children/teens who inhabited the room and apparently didn't close the closet door, thus catching it on the bedroom door. A problem with no solution, I fear, as I don't want to rearrange anything.
  • Connection to the Bathroom: Nothing to say about it other than "Yay!" I know a Jack-and-Jill bathroom connects two bedrooms, but what is it called when it combines one bedroom and the hallway?
  • Light Switch Plate: Notice how cute? Each bedroom had them--either cats or bunnies. I can imagine a little girl over the moon about being allowed to pick out her own! But as my kids are all older and it's not my style, they won't be staying.

Hall and connected bathroom.

Hall Bathroom:

This is the view from the doorway in the front bedroom. From this angle, you can see a lot of things (even me):
  • Wallpaper: Galore. It even smells mildew-y. Yuk.
  • Dark Wood: Overpowering. That will be a bugger to change, I can tell.
  • Double Sinks: Always nice, even though only one of our kids still lives at home. Though there are always holidays and visits and the occasional summer away from college, right?

Dark paneling, wallpaper, cultured marble, carpet, and interesting molding pattern.

  • Tile: I love that it's white. Classic. And can stay. One less project!
  • Carpet: Why did anyone ever think this was a good idea? I guess it does feel good on the feet, but it smells nasty and I couldn't possibly wrap my head around replacing it with more carpet in this area. It's asking for trouble.

The shower room even has carpet.

  • Countertop and Fixtures: I love all the space, but the countertop's rust stains and gold streaks make it look too dated for me. The fixtures have long-since been crusted over with hard water deposits and don't run smoothly. One of them actually sprays sideways, which might come in handy. Maybe.

Even if it weren't completely outdated, the rust stains don't help.

Middle Bedroom:

  • A Perfectly Suitable Room

Wooden windows--with aluminum on the outside.

  • With a Perfectly Suitable Walk-In Closet

Decent walk-in closet for a bedroom.


  • Brick Wall: The backside of the fireplace has the original (unpainted) brick wall that I LOVE! Isn't it beautiful?
  • Closet Space: This hallway is LONG! It also has considerable storage with a closet on each end and another closet across from the door opening to the family room. I'm not sure how to organize everything, but it will be great to have that much space!

I LOVE this brick wall (other side of the fireplace) in the hallway.

Back Bedroom (Our Office):

  • Office Space: It appears the previous owners also used this room as a home office as we plan to do. Which is nice because that means the phone and internet connections are there.
  • Windows: These are the only ones. I wish the wall to the right had some as well. Maybe I should add them?

This will be our office, but the desk, left from the previous owner, has been relocated. Go figure.

  • Double Closets: Shallow but plentiful storage space for which I've got a great plan. You'll have to check back for that one.

The only room with two closets rather than a walk-in. Just you wait to see what we've got planned. . .