Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The Before "Tour" of a 1970s Remodel (Part 4): Master & En Suite Bath

The Master Bedroom & Bath:

Master Bedroom:

Though from this picture you can see that the master bedroom lacks any zing, I do like the fact that it is secluded from the rest of the bedrooms. It is not far off the kitchen and positioned between the back patio door and laundry room (with garage access), so unless the kiddos go out the front door, there's no escaping (or coming in past curfew) without Mom & Dad's knowledge.

Master bedroom: view from the hallway.

The combination of dark wood window sills and off-white (almond, like everything else in the house) shutters offer the only interest. Oh, and the beautiful mauve carpet. Nice, huh?

I might have mentioned before that each of the bedrooms has its own cute little (okay, not so little) light switch. They make a statement in their uniqueness, but a little too kitsch than the vision of my house includes.

Also, every bedroom also has an intercom--and none of them work. They too will be removed and the wall repaired. [After we do this and live in the house for several months, we have discovered it is the quietest house I have ever lived in. The intercoms might actually have been helpful in communicating with my teenager holed up in his bedroom. But then again, there's texting now that didn't exist in the 1970s.]

I like the arch into the vanity area, but not the fact that there's no door. My husband's first thought was cutting out the arch and inserting a door, but I suggested building a sliding barn door. Yep, that's the plan. It just isn't high priority except when my husband turns on the light to get ready for work while I'm still sleeping.

View of Master Vanity from the Bedroom.

While it is 1970s-size and maybe not the biggest by today's standards, but it's actually quite a bit bigger than my 1997 house I lived in last, so I'm excited. It's more than adequate.

Not obvious from the image, on the left, there are two clothes rods and on the right is one (for longer clothes).

The bathroom and vanity are pretty dark, which I'm not loving, so it will change. The shape of the cabinet on the vanity was something else I wasn't happy with at first--the fact that it is recessed at the bottom. While it's still not my favorite--I feel like I have to bend down even more to get to the bottom drawers--it wasn't exactly in the budget to replace them. When we bought the house, we thought we would replace them, but with their size, we would have had to do something custom, and it just wasn't going to happen. So hey, it's all good. It does the job. It's in good shape. Works for me. If we do a little paint update.

Notice the wallpaper, dark paneling, ratty carpet, and interesting molding pattern.

Interesting shape of the cabinet.

How about this vanity top--definitely original to the house.

1974 cultured marble veined in pea green. It's a classic!

Even has a matching shower.

Matching 1974 cultured marble step-down tub/shower. Ick!

I'm pretty sure this was the first time I had ever seen a shower/bath? like this one. I'm not even sure what it's called. It's got the same cultured marble green-veined surround as the vanity. It's a step-down which I guess could be used as a tub as well, but it just felt claustrophobic and weird to me.
When I met the new neighbors a few months after we'd moved in (they'd been away), the first thing they asked was what we did with the shower. Yeah, it's legendary in the neighborhood. And the first place we started working.