Friday, November 27, 2015

The Before "Tour" of a 1970s Remodel (Part 5)

The Rest of the House

This is the last of the series of my before pictures. I needed to make sure all the pics are up before I start showing some of the afters . . .

Half Bath:

It's always great to have a half bath for guests, but this one is a little tucked away. It'll still work though. Another nice thing about it is that it is situated near the back door and garage and completely over tile to get there, so it's nice for clean-up after being outside.

Half bath with more lovely wallpaper and interesting molding.

I still haven't decided what I'm going to do to redecorate. Update the towel bars and toilet paper holder as well as door and drawer pulls. The wallpaper will need to come down because it is peeling. This is the one bathroom where the cultured marble vanity countertop will stay. At least for now. So that means I need to decide if the cupboards will stay the same color or be painted white as I am systematically doing to the rest of the trim in the house.

Utility Room:

Nothing much exciting here. It's fairly small actually. With the door to the garage and the door between the utility room and the hallway opening towards each other, there's barely enough room to pass between if they aren't completely open.

Utility room so huge I can barely take a picture.

One nice thing is the nook across from the dryer where we will do something to store shoes and jackets.

This nook will eventually house our shoes and jackets.

Oh, and the world's ugliest door to the garage. A bonus I hadn't expected: I can tell if the garage door is open because of the window. Not to worry, though, I got rid of the curtain ASAP.

Back Patio and Backyard:

One thing we absolutely love about this house is the back patio and backyard. Not only do we have our own trees, which are nice, but the view over the back fence is of even more trees. There's a gorgeous seven foot privacy fence which is fabulous.

And this is only half of the backyard. Less than half, actually. But look at all those trees!

And a full, covered back patio that will be great for breakfast outside on lazy summer mornings.