Friday, June 17, 2016

Cleaning & Home Maintenance Tips

Eight Cleaning & Home Maintenance Tips

that Will Make Your Life Easier

1. Spray your lawnmower blades with cooking spray to keep the grass from sticking.

2. Sweep talcum powder into cracks to reduce squeaks in hardwood floors.

3. Fix a popped floor nail before it cuts your foot or rips your sock.

* Remove the nail with locking pliers against a 3-inch plastic scraper (so you don’t dent the wood).
* Replace the nail with a wood screw.
* Cover the screw head with wood putty in a color that matches the rest of the floor.

4. Make your own DIY room freshener.

Fill a 16 oz. spray bottle with 6 oz. of water, 6 oz. of lime juice (lemon, grapefruit, or orange would be nice too), and 4 oz. of baking soda. It is economical, chemical-free, and leaves your room with a clean, citrusy smell.

5. Cut a lemon in half and rub it onto fixtures to remove water spots.

6. Shoe storage in a closet or mud room

For heel storage, mount a length of crown molding a foot or so off the floor to your closet wall. Hang the heels over the molding. Hang other shoes on pegs or hooks also mounted to the wall.

7. Store chalk in your toolbox to keep your tools from rusting.

8. Holiday Storage:

Wrap string lights around a hanger to keep them from getting tangled.

These tips, as well as others, can also be found in Maria Hoagland's first Romance Renovations novel, The {Re}Model Marriage.