Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Home Decorating Tips

to Give Your Home a Quick Update

1.Take a close look at landscaping on an older home.

Boost your curb appeal by removing overgrown vegetation, especially if it is too close to the house or it conceals the home’s unique architecture.

2. Add character from a hallway into a living area, by adding trim to a blank corner making it look like a column.

Add crown molding and baseboards and paint in trim color to complete the effect. It is a great way to separate different room colors.

3. Add a pop of color in an otherwise neutral room by painting the door an accent color.

4. Previously painted wood can be repainted to have a woodgrain look.

This technique works best for wood that will not be inspected close up (like ceiling beams).
* Paint the undertone you want—usually a yellow or reddish color.
* The more paint colors you apply, the more undertones you will see.
* On subsequent layers, use a chip brush so that the paint covers unevenly. You want some of the undertones to show through.
* Finish with the gel wood stain color you want. Again, apply with a chip brush so that it doesn’t block out all your other work.

5. Upgrade your stairs.

Remove the carpet and add stained bullnose wood on top of each tread.

6. If you’re looking for a way to add character to your home, consider trimming your builder-grade window wells with thick millwork.

If you have a window that doesn’t need privacy, consider dressing it up with corbels or brackets in the corners.

7. To add some finished style to your home, put a decorative frame around your flat screen TV and light switch plates.

8. Build a Window Seat 

If your house doesn’t have a built-in window seat but you have a wall where you want one, construct your own window seat from old kitchen upper cabinets turned upside-down (check the Habitat for Humanity ReStore in your area) or a free-standing bookshelf turned on its side. Add caster wheels or furniture legs if you need more height, and pillows for decoration and cushion.

9. Is the metal in your home outdated?

Spray paint light fixtures, fireplace screens, door handles, and hinges in the metallic finish you want.

10. Sewing with limited experience?

There are several non-sewing options for curtains and recovering pillows. If you decide to sew, choose a pattern that has stripes, plaid, or a recurring pattern where you can cut a straight line—it will make sewing that much easier!

These tips and more can also be found in Maria Hoagland's first Romance Renovations novel, The {Re}Model Marriage.